All you need to know about our Commode Chairs

If you find it incredibly difficult to get to the toilet in time due to illness, injury, or disability, then a commode could be the answer, A commode or commode chair is a helpful toileting aid that is designed to give people a safe place to relieve themselves, without struggling to reach the bathroom.

Essentially, a commode chair is a movable toilet which has a removable pan which needs to be manually emptied after each use. This means that it requires a carer to undertake the emptying process.

Wheeled Commodes

A commode chair with wheels is a versatile piece of toileting equipment. In some cases, these chairs can be used as wheelchairs and are suitable under showers in wet rooms. While is huge selection of height adjustable chairs, some tend to be fixed height, so it is always safe to check the spec before buying. Our THM wheeled commode is a high quality and popular, delivering everything most people need. It features a metal frame and soft cushion seat, armrests, and backrest. Finished with wipe clean surfaces, it is easy to disinfect.

Like many mobile commodes, our Wheeled commode can be used with its own bucket, or this can be removed, and the chair can be rolled over a standard toilet pedestal.

Our wheeled commode chairs also come with footplates. If the chair is to be used as a wheelchair and moving an individual from room to room, this would be an essential feature to have as many models do not have it as standard.

Folding Commodes

Sometimes floor space may be an issue, or you’ll need to tuck your commode away for storage. Perhaps you will be better off with a folding commode.

These tend to be aluminium framed models which are relatively easy to lift and handle. Before you fold up the commode chair, it is best advised to remove the bowl. Once in a folded state, the commode is much easier to transport than folding models. This makes them a great option if you need to take one temporarily out of the home.

Shower Commode Wheelchairs

Thirdhand Mobility supplies the best commodes which double up as shower wheelchairs. This means they can be used for both purposes, making them highly versatile pieces of equipment.

For more information and advice please get in touch with one of our mobility specialist staff members.

All you need to know about our Commode Chairs
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