Drive Nitro Rollator

Drive Nitro Rollator


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Label Depth Height Product Weight Seat Depth Seat Height Seat Width User Weight Capacity Width Width (Closed)
Nitro Rollator- Mini (Red) 70.5cm 71-79cm (handle) 8kg (17.5lb) 20cm 46cm 46cm 135kg (21st) 59cm 30cm
Nitro Rollator- Heavy Duty (Black) 70.5cm 85-97cm (handle) 8kg (17.5lb) 20cm 52cm 46cm 200kg (32st) 59cm 30cm
Nitro Rollator- Tall (Red) 70.5cm 91-104cm (handle) 8kg (17.5lb) 20cm 58cm 46cm 135kg (21st) 59cm 30cm
Nitro Rollator – Medium (Black) 70.5cm 84-96.5cm (handle) 7.2kg (15.9lb) 22cm 57cm 44.5cm 130kg (20st) 61cm 25cm
Nitro Rollator – Medium (Red) 70.5cm 84-96.5cm (handle) 7.2kg (15.9lb) 22cm 57cm 44.5cm 130kg (20st) 61cm 25cm

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Product Description

Drive Nitro Rollator – Your Perfect Mobility Companion

At Thirdhand Mobility, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality products that are both functional and reliable. Our Drive Nitro Rollator is designed to offer increased stability, safety, and comfort for individuals who need assistance with mobility.

Key Features:

Indoor and Outdoor Use: The Drive Nitro Rollator is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving you the freedom to move around confidently in various environments.

Stability and Safety: The rollator is equipped with cross struts that provide increased stability and safety, ensuring a secure and reliable walking aid for the user.

Optimal Steering and Comfort: The extra-large 25cm wheels offer optimal steering and pushing comfort, making it easy to maneuver on various terrains with ease.

Customizable Height: The rollator features push-button height adjustment on the handles, allowing you to adjust the height to suit your specific requirements for a comfortable walking experience.

Comfortable and Convenient: The cushioned seat surface and backrest provide added comfort during breaks, while the ergonomic, height-adjustable handles ensure a comfortable grip while using the rollator.

Dual-Function Brake: The rollator features a dual-function brake that serves both as a parking brake and a regular brake, providing additional safety and convenience.

Easy Folding Mechanism: The one-hand folding mechanism allows for safe and comfortable folding of the rollator, making it easy to store or transport when not in use.

Practical Accessories: The Drive Nitro Rollator comes with a mesh bag with a maximum load of 5kg, providing convenient storage space for your belongings. It also includes a cane tilt aid and a modern mesh bag with a zipper for added functionality.

Invest in the Drive Nitro Rollator from Thirdhand Mobility, and experience enhanced mobility, comfort, and safety in your everyday life.

Product Features

Can be used indoors and outdoors
Increased stability and safety thanks to cross struts
Extra-large 25cm wheels for optimal steering and pushing comfort
Push button height adjustment on handles to suit user requirements
Cushioned seat surface and backrest as standard
Ergonomic, height-adjustable handles
Dual-function brake (for braking and parking)
One-hand folding mechanism ensures safe and comfortable folding
Comes with mesh bag with a maximum load of 5kg
Supplied as standard with cane tilt aid and modern mesh bag with zipper
Mini, Tall and Heavy Duty versions are also available

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