Drive Suspension Rollator

Drive Suspension Rollator


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  • Label

    Suspension Rollator

  • Depth


  • Height


  • Product Weight

    8.9kg (20lb)

  • Seat Height


  • Seat Width


  • User Weight Capacity

    136kg (21st)

  • Width


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Product Description


Enhance your mobility and experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience with the Drive Suspension Rollator from Thirdhand Mobility. This state-of-the-art rollator is designed to provide you with a smooth and stylish walking experience, while offering a range of features to make your daily activities easier and more enjoyable.

Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Frame

Move with ease and confidence with the ultra lightweight aluminium frame of the Drive Suspension Rollator. The durable yet lightweight construction ensures easy manoeuvrability, allowing you to navigate through various terrains with minimal effort.

Sophisticated Shock-Absorbing Suspension

Experience a smooth and comfortable ride with the sophisticated shock-absorbing suspension system of the Drive Suspension Rollator. The innovative design absorbs impact and minimizes jolts and vibrations, providing a smooth and stable walking experience even on uneven surfaces.

Side Folding for Compact Storage and Transportation

Convenience meets practicality with the side folding feature of the Drive Suspension Rollator. This allows for easy storage and transportation, making it perfect for travel or when space is limited.

Handle Height Adjustable

Customize the rollator to your perfect height with the handle height adjustable feature. This ensures optimal comfort and posture, reducing strain on your back and shoulders during use.

Removable Zipped Bag

Keep your belongings safe and secure with the removable zipped bag of the Drive Suspension Rollator. The spacious bag provides ample storage space for your personal items, allowing you to carry your essentials with you wherever you go.

Cane Holder

The convenient cane holder of the Drive Suspension Rollator allows you to carry your cane or walking stick with ease, providing you with additional support and stability when needed.

Maximum User Weight of 136kg (21st)

With a maximum user weight capacity of 136kg (21st), the Drive Suspension Rollator is designed to provide reliable and sturdy support for users of various sizes and weights.

Product Weight of 8.9kg

The lightweight design of the Drive Suspension Rollator, weighing only 8.9kg, ensures easy handling and portability, making it a perfect choice for those who require a lightweight yet robust mobility aid.


Upgrade your mobility and enjoy a smooth and stylish walking experience with the Drive Suspension Rollator from Thirdhand Mobility. With its ultra lightweight aluminium frame, sophisticated shock-absorbing suspension, side folding feature, adjustable handle height, removable zipped bag, cane holder, and impressive weight capacity, this rollator offers both comfort and convenience for your everyday activities. Don’t compromise on quality and functionality – choose the Drive Suspension Rollator and experience the difference in your mobility and overall well-being.