Drive Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair

Drive Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair


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Label Backrest Width Hand Grip Height Height Length Product Weight Seat Depth Seat Height Seat Width User Weight Capacity Width Width (Closed)
Ultra Lightweight (17″) Self Propel 43cm (16.9″) 89cm 92cm (36.2″) 107cm (42″) 12.9kg (28.4lb) 39cm (15.4″) 52cm (20.5″) 42cm (16.5″) 115kg (18st) 64cm (25.25″) 32cm (12.5″)
Ultra Lightweight (20″) Self Propel 50cm (19.7″) 89cm 93cm (36.6″) 109cm (43″) 13kg (28.6lb) 39cm (15.4″) 52cm (20.5″) 51cm (20.1″) 125kg (20st) 71cm (28″) 33cm (13″)
Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair (17″) 43cm (16.9″) 91cm 95cm (37.4″) 95cm (37.5″) 11.5kg (25lb) 39cm (15.5″) 52cm (20.5″) 42cm (16.5″) 115kg (18st) 61cm (24″) 28cm (11″)
Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair (20″) 50cm (19.7″) 91cm 95cm (37.4″) 95cm (37.5″) 11.6kg (25lb) 39cm (15.5″) 52cm (20.5″) 51cm (20.1″) 125kg (20st) 66cm (26″) 28cm (11″)

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Product Description


The Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair combines style with function and practicality. It features an excellent lightweight aluminium frame which makes transportation and storage extremely easy. A half-folding backrest, quick-release footrests and rear wheels further facilitates storage and transportation. Grey, two-tone upholstery offers style and is easy to wipe clean alongside soft-touch side panels, a comfortable experience.

Product Features

Excellent lightweight aluminium frame with single cross brace is strong and stable, yet very lightweight for transporting and easily folded for storage
Half-folding backrest and quick-release footrests further facilitate storage and transportation
Quick-release rear wheels on the Self Propel model
Grey two-tone upholstery offers comfortable support, is easy to clean and along with silver frame has an attractive appearance
Soft-touch fabric side panels improve comfort
Features handy rear pocket for storing items
Footrests easily adjust into one of five positions to suit user support requirements and swing out of the way to facilitate transfers
Desk-style armrests allow easy access to work surfaces
Two stepper tubes enable attendant to safely raise front wheels for mounting kerbs
Two solid Polyurethane (PU) front tyres, 20cm (8″) in diameter are durable, low maintenance and assist with manoeuvrability
Long-reach brakes on rear tyres are easily activated by user or attendant for stable parking
Spoked 61cm (24″) rear wheels with solid grey Polyurethane (PU) tyres are hard-wearing and low maintenance and together with lightweight aluminium rims and hand rims increase manoeuvrability