THM Transfer Commode Chair


THM Transfer Commode Chair


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Product Description

This Transfer Commode chair is designed to assist to transfer around from wheelchair to sofa, bed, bathroom for self-cleaning shower and toileting. This can be a solution to a hoist.

The Wheeled Commode Chair is an essential piece of equipment for elderly or disabled individuals who require additional support during toileting. With its versatile design, this wheeled commode chair is ideal for individuals with mobility limitations who need increased support while using the bathroom. It is perfect for those who may find it difficult to reach a traditional toilet or who require additional support for their safety and comfort.

This wheeled commode chair is height adjustable, making it customizable for individual users. Its heavy-duty, durable construction can take up to 19 stone and weighs only 18 kilograms, making it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The chair comes equipped with swivel brakes, making it easy to lock in place for added stability and safety.

The Wheeled Commode Chair serves multiple purposes, including easing toileting for the user when other bathroom aids are not suitable. Additionally, it can be used as a shower chair, providing a convenient and safe option for bathing. The wheels of the chair provide increased mobility, making it easy to move around and transport.

Investing in a Wheeled Commode Chair is a smart choice for individuals with mobility limitations. Its durable construction, easy-to-use features, and versatile design make it the perfect bathroom safety and mobility aid. Whether used as a commode or shower chair, this piece of equipment will provide added safety and comfort for those in need. Order now to experience the benefits of the Wheeled Commode Chair first-hand!

Key Features

  • Height adjustable and foldable design saves time and is safe for use by one carer.
  • Max. Load of 120kgs and is adjustable to different body shapes height.
  • Weighs 18kg
  • Dimensions L 700mm x W 470mm x H 940mm
  • The brake system double buckles to ensure safety.
  • Soft cushion for long-time sitting and with infusion tube. The tube is detachable and changeable to left or right side.